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Comunicación entre Pure Data y Arduino

1. Una manera sencilla de habilitar todos los pines del Arduino tanto de entrada como de salida es utilizar el Pduino y Firmata firmware. explica la instalación de Firmata y el patch Pduino paso a paso

En la página web de Arduino es posible encontrar los archivos de Pduino y el Firmata.

Sin embargo alguna vez puede ser muy inestable y no puedes programar tu arduino para hacer parte de la operación.

2. En ese mismo link pues encontrar links a  los archivos de Arduino2PD que hace uso de la librería Simple Message System para enviar mensajes ASCII a Pure Data.

3. Sin embargo para tener una comunicación sencilla y estable cuando solo estás usando pins de salida o de entrada,  personalmente recomiendo establecer comunicación con el puerto serial. Estos son algunos links que te guían por el proceso.

Bidireccional usando el puerto serial

4. Algunos otros desarrolladores han trabajo en sistemas de mensajes sencillos para quienes están nuevos en esto. Como el siguiente



Eva and Marco Mattes / Faith Holand

Emily´s Video 2012


NO FUN 2010

No Fun from Eva and Franco Mattes on Vimeo.

Faith Holland

Lick Suck Screen 2 on Redtube from Faith Holland on Vimeo.

Porn Interventions

Digital Swear Gallery

Arte Digital

Shu Lea Cheang

Brandon 2001

UKI – Enter the BioNet, Piksel, Norway, 2014 from shu Lea Cheang

Diane Ludin

Genetic Response


Prepared PlayStation 2005


Carnivore Processing Sketches from Caroline Brown on Vimeo.

Sam Price-Waldman.

Where the Road Ends

John F Simon

Every Icon

Mark Napier

Shredder 1.0 1998

Shredder. Screenshot

Angélica Piedrahita, Camilo Cogua y Jose Alejandro López


Natalie Bookchin

The Intruder 1998

 Olia Lialina

My Boyfriend Came back From the War.

Golan Levin

Dialtones: A Telesymphony 2001

Augmented Hand Series (Demonstration, 2014) 

Jonah Brucker

Michael Mandiberg

After Sherri Levine,  After Walker Evans

Cory Arcangel
Photoshop CS: 44 by 40 inches, 300 DPI, RGB, square pixels, default gradient “Spectrum”, mousedown y=1520 x=4920, mouseup y=10400 x=5720 – See more at: 2014
Photoshop Gradient Demonstration Bedsheets (SRF-011) – See more at: 2014
Super Mario Clouds – 2002

Life Sharing

To extend the idea of exposing ourselves through the internet we started wearing a GPS transmitter so that anyone could know exactly where we were at any given time

Jennifer y Kevin McCoy

Every Shot Every Episode

Discovery of Freedom (excerpt) from Jennifer & Kevin McCoy on Vimeo.

This wall mounted box contains two video monitors mounted on photographs and a book, The Discovery of Freedom. The larger monitor contains a collaged landscape of images of De Smet, SD the site of the Laura Ingalls Wilder homestead. Laura’s daughter Rose Wilder Lane coined the term “libertarian”. In this work the stark landscape of her youth is juxtaposed with the architecture of late capital depicted in the photographs as well as with the industrial present of the homestead site. The smaller monitor reveals text from the book.

Along the Roadside 2012


Dream Sequence

dream sequence — Dual Channel Video Feed from Jennifer & Kevin McCoy on Vimeo.

Paul Keiser y Shelley Eshkar

Pedestrian 2001

Pedestrian / 2001 from OpenEndedGroup on Vimeo.

Peter Weibel & Valie Export

The Origin of Noise – The Noise of the Origin 2013

Cube World – 1993

SPIT PAINTINGS better than Warhol, Koons, Hirst« (2009)


Tate Modern symposium Spaces of Transformation: Continuity/Infinity with speaker Peter Weibel

Imaginary Water Sculpture 1971

The volume that water has attained in the air, and which I trace here, results in an imaginary water sculpture that is visible and notable only on a TV screen. The TV set as space/time switch.

Zeitblut – Timeblood 1972 – 1979

Valie Export – Touch Cinema

Expanded Cinema de Valie Export


Retrospectiva. Valie Export

Space Seeing

TV Aquarium Peter Weibel